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New! Water-Sinking Quality Grade Agarwood


Agarwood with a higher content of oil sinks in water. Agarwood that sinks is considered a very high grade wood. Sinking agarwood or water-sinking quality grade agarwood is seldom stocked by us.


Genuine, wild and natural Agarwood sinks as oil resin substance is formed and developed over many decades naturally and is not disturbed or manipulate by human means.


The price for water-sinking quality agarwood is usually very high compared with Agarwood that does not sink.


Avid collectors of Agarwood from around the world pay a high price for this grade of special Agarwood.


If you are a collector or re-seller, we now offer Agarwood Sinking Grade.


Special price of only $2,600 for 1kg.

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