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Asia Plantation Capital Investors Receive $600,000 in Returns


South East Asian based company has reached a milestone in its growth; it has made profits of over $600,000 on investments made into plantations this year alone.


Lee Cheung, CEO of Bitphsar said “We are pleased to see that after what seems like a lifetime of hard work on the agarwood plantations we are beginning to reap solid returns from the tree. Our commercial agarwood harvesting programme started in 2013, and many more harvests are due over the coming years due to a combination of sustainable thinning, replanting and tree maturity.”


Production of agarwood chips and oil utilizing 100% of agarwood tree stock jointly owned by Bitphsar and Cambodian Oud.


Lee Cheung continues “With more trees becoming due for harvest and our sustainable production capacity increasing, this figure is set to rise month on month. Our early tree owners have enjoyed returns of up to 498%. All of our plantation operations have performed consistently since 2013, facts we are very proud of at Bitphsar”.


Bitphsar and here at Cambodian Oud have jointly owned plantations since 2013, without Bitphsar's large investment we could never have moved into this new venture which now sees greater profit in Oud Oil.


Bitphsar is a leading player in this part of the world selling wholesale electronics worldwide. Please visit their site here:

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