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Lovers of Oud are going to rejoice, and the entire oud-loving world will mark this as a definitive turning point in our understanding of the true nature of agarwood. And oud. And ‘oudiness.’ And, of course, Resin.


Mysterious, dark and sweet, balsamic and incredibly tenacious, pure agarwood resin is an aromatic unto itself. Unique and different to anything we’ve smelled in oud oil. Or even the oft-touted ‘gently heated’ chips. It is balsam. Sweet, sappy dark gum that oozes a jazzy, snazzy oudiness unlike anything we’ve ever smelled.


The beauty of raw agarwood resin is that it couples perfectly with any species of agarwood, regardless of its Cambodian (aquilaria crassna) origins.


You’ll have to blend it into your atomizer with some alcohol and oud oil to get the full effect, of course. And if you’re feeling adventurous, you might even add musk grains, ambergris, flowers and spices to suit your style.


Special price of $900 for 1kg.

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